Fun Activities to Do When Camping

Camping with your children or family can be a lot of fun or it can be challenging. If you re not used to children, the idea of keeping them happy can sound daunting. However, with a few fun activities to do when camping with children or family camping can be very rewarding. Since camping is a great way to relax your mind and forget the demands of your daily life, it’s important to structure camping activities that suit the ability and interest of everyone. The following are some popular activities to include on your next camping.



The best way to engage in physical activities and discover nature is through biking in camp. But it’s important to ensure you have a map and a first aid box at hand to avoid getting lost in the woods end also for your safety in case you get hurt.


Making a campfire


Without a campfire, camping can never be fun. Children love campfire although it can be dangerous to them, but with proper supervision and attention to the fire, the whole family can sit around the campfire and be memorized by the flames. You can increase the fun by roasting hotdogs and you will surely enjoy the way dancing flames bring the attraction between your family. Bring good medicine for hangover in case you plan on drinking. 




Fishing is a great and fun activity especially if you are near a river, pond or lake. Although kids under the age of 12 do need a fishing license, it’s important to ensure you and the entire family has the correct license for the state you are camping. You can make the camping an unforgettable moment for your kid by teaching them how to fish and even playing a betting game of who catch the most or biggest fish.


Telling stories


Kids love to hear stories of when you were growing up. Come up with stories of your outdoor adventures or your earlier camping. The fun thing about storytelling is that, once you introduce a story everyone joins in and starts telling their memories too.


Playing games


When it’s too hot or raining for hiking, playing dice or any other game is a perfect way to pass time. For more active fun, Uno is a fun card game that is easy for kids to understand and also fun for adults. You can also bring items like baseball and gloves or football and toss between the members of the family for hours in order to pass time.


Watch cloud or looking at some stars


Watching stars doesn’t need an expensive telescope to get started but you will also need to do some research about the night sky. But if you don’t have all this, you can spread a blanket on the ground and lie on your back and see if you can see what the others in your family can see.


Camping is a great family experience. These fun activities to do when camping will help you create an enjoyable family camping trip that will generate wonderful and unforgettable memories.